We use a different Method to make

Forecasts than most Companies do:

-95% of Companies on the Market use the Min / Max, "Point of Order", or Manual Control Forecasting Methodology, which Leads to Inadequate Inventories Levels;

-When a Product is Unavailable for a Long Time, it is Impossible to Predict its Sales;

-The Greater the Difference between Min & Max is, the Greater the Inventory Stock and the Lower the Turnover;

-Less Popular Goods can sit in the Storehouse for more than 3 Months.

Control Center - From Small Companies to Large Corporations:

-Easy to manage and very Powerful Levers;

-Autopilot in more than 95% of Cases;

-Quickly Identify the Most Problematic Areas.

The Surplus Adequacy System:

Surplus adequacy is the Driving Force behind Isbaltic ;

The principle of Aircraft Control at a Given Height Operation ;

Ensuring Product Availability at the Right Time.

Assortment Management:

-Offer most Profitable Positions;

-Manage the Whole Bin;

-Remove Slowly Sold Positions;

-Work 24/7 Automatically.

Stock Management:

-Optimized stock;

-Popular Products are Always Available;

-Isbaltic work with the Current ERP Systems.

Production Management:

-Dynamic and Unified System of Priorities in Production;

-End-to-end System of Priorities from Raw Materials and Materials Warehouses, to Finished Products in Distributor's Warehouse;

-Capacity Planning and Accurate Delivery Dates for Customers.

Improvement of Process:

-Identification of Current Limitations;

-Help Determining the Strategy;

-Help Implementing the Tactics