-Analyzing the Current Environment (what to change?);

-Determining a New Environment (changing what for what?)

-Simulation of the New Environment and comparing it with the Current Efficiency (what will be the results?);

-Planning the Changes (how make the changes?).

Pilot project:

-Demonstrating results based on Isbaltic

(managing 10 to 30 pharmacies and comparing with

current performance results));

-Determining requirements for scaling Isbaltic

(Creating a test environment to confirm the success

of Isbaltic throughout the whole chain);

Implementing Solutions:

-Team Building;

-Creating Control Center;

-Fast Implementation;

-Results after 1 to 3 months;

-Pays back in less than 6 months.

Improvement of Process:

-Identifying Current Limitations;

-Help Determining a Strategy;

-Help Deciding Tactics;

-Help Executing.